Rumour Mill – iPhone 5 will be world’s thinnest phone

Not the most surprising tip for Apple’s forthcoming phone, perhaps, but certainly believable

- iPhone 5 rumour round-up

It just wouldn’t be Tuesday without an iPhone 5 rumour, would it? Or any other day for that matter. So here it is: the iPhone 5 will, at the time of announcement, be the thinnest smartphone on Earth.

That’s not surprising – the iPhone 4 also made fatties of its peers. But this isn’t idle conjecture: Apple is said to be switching to a new manufacturer for its in-house chips.

Science bit: the A4 and A5 processors – seen in the iPhone 4 and iPads – were made by Samsung. Yet the A6, which could be the driving force behind the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, may instead be farmed out to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Why move? According to ars technica, it has less to do with Apple and Samsung flinging lawsuits at each other and more to do with TSMC’s 28nm processor architecture (Samsung’s current build uses a 45nm process). The lower power rating of the 28nm chips means Apple could trim valuable fractions off the bellies of its headline mobile devices. And that means, come September, we could be looking at a new world record for world’s thinnest phone. Again.


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