Rumour mill – iPad 3 will be “the biggie”

It's almost iPad 2 launch time and we're already hearing about iPad 3. Madness!

With the iPad 2 launch only hours away, we’re getting very excited about Apple’s plans for its second-gen tablet. For more on that, read our live blog.

But the latest whisper from the online rumour mill is that an even bigger surprise is on the way: an autumn-launched iPad 3 that will represent a major upgrade.

Someone claiming to be “an Apple staffer” told Cult of Mac that today’s announcement will be a fairly minor update: the screen will be the same resolution, but there’ll be a faster chip, two cameras on board and a thinner, lighter body.

The source reckons the iPad 3 is the model “to make a song and dance about”, although he or she declined to say why. Typical. What was claimed is that the iPad 3 is on track for launch this year, which probably means an autumn unveiling in time for the lucrative Christmas period.

We’ll soon know if the source is half right. Stay tuned for our live iPad 2 launch coverage later today.

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