Rumour Mill – iPad 3 to end fingerprint smudges?

Forget apps. Forget NFC. Now we're talking real innovation

Fingerprint smudges getting you down? Does it make you feel inadequate to own such perfect looking gadgets but not be able to see any of that Retina Display/ Super AMOLED screen through your layers of fingerprint grease?

You might think that the solution is a new set of fingers that act in a way compatible with the whole Apple universe. But no, instead it looks like Apple has just patented a fingerprint-killing process to create an oleophobic (grease-resistant) coating for future iPads and iPhones.

The coating would have to be vapourised and put through a vacuum chamber before it could work its magic. We welcome this new era of fingerprint free prodding, but rather than try to create your own coating for your current iPad (who has a vacuum chamber lying around?), it might be easier to get yourself a nice, monogrammed cloth for the time being.


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