Rumour Mill – iPad 2 case suggests Mini DisplayPort output

Buy shares in companies making MDP to HDMI adapters. Maybe

Another iPad 2 rumour? So soon? Oh, get used to it. This time last year people were speculating that the iTablet (as it was called at the time) would help hair growth and come with a free labrador. Or something.

This new titbit originates from a Chinese case maker which appears to have a skin for Apple’s second-gen tablet with apertures for the rear camera (as expected), an SD card slot (as expected), a bigger speaker (as expected) and – drum roll – a Mini DisplayPort socket. That’s the same type of AV output found on MacBooks and other laptops (including some Toshibas, Dells and HPs), letting you pump out vids to your HDTV via HDMI.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this case is the genuine article, but with the heat being turned up on iPad 2 rumours at the moment, we’ll see plenty of rumours that make much less sense than this. Now then, about that free dog…

[via AppleInsider]

UPDATE: not worth a separate post, but someone fossicking around in iBooks has found a graphics file that suggests the iPad 2 will have a hi-res screen. As expected. Since last year.

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