Rumour Mill – iOS5 to bring 3G FaceTime calls and more

Clues found in the dev build of Apple’s next iPhone and iPad OS also suggest HD video tricks

We’ve all been there: crowded round an iPad trying to watch a video, look at a picture or read a story. And we’re first to admit that while the iPad’s 9.7in display is ample for one man on the move, three is definitely a crowd.

Devs exploring the beta release of iOS 5 have found a few interesting tweaks in the new iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch OS, not least the potential ability to mirror your iPad’s display to your HDTV via an Apple TV box. The beta version of iOS 5 also supports HD video syncing (at full 1080p) in a clue that Apple may be closer than we thought to upgrading its displays to HD resolution.

Finally, there’s FaceTime over 3G. Yes, it’s possible you’ll be able to get your vision chat on with friends and family without first seeking out a Wi-Fi hotspot. Cause for celebration? Cautiously, yes.

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