Rumour Mill – Google Music Beta MP3 store incoming?

Could Google have fixed its record company teething problems?

We've been hearing rumblings for a while now about Google's cloud music effort. It's already gone live in beta – and has been pretty much ignored since. But can Google rescue Music Beta? The New York Times seems to think so – it's reporting that Google is set to open the doors to a HMV in the clouds in the next few weeks, according to music exec sources in America.

Music Beta lets you back up your music library in the cloud and stream them to all your devices, so it would make sense to link a Google MP3 store to this offering. But if Google doesn't close on deals with EMI and other big record labels to secure copyright licenses, it might lose users to Apple's upcoming iTunes Match, which has already locked down all the business details. Without the licenses, we'd have to manually upload our libraries – and no-one wants to go through that hassle.


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