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Rumour mill – BlackBerry BlackPad tablet

On Tuesday, we’re expecting RIM to launch a BlackBerry Storm 3 and the long-awaited BlackBerry OS 6. But could there be a tablet, too?

The BlackPad? You couldn’t make it up. Oh, wait. Yeah, actually, you could – in fact, someone must have spent literally seconds dreaming this into a fully-shaped idea.

We’ve already put out a rumour that RIM was preparing a 7in iPad killer, and the company’s forthcoming (Tuesday) event to launch the Storm 3 and new BlackBerry OS 6 could be just the time to rip the wrapping off its official tablet plans.

Dare they call it the BlackPad, though? Or will they think of something better? BlackBerry Horizon? BlackBerry Sky? Cloud? Bolder? Boulder?

We give up. Your turn… the comments box is parked below, waiting for your thoughts.