Rumour Mill – Apple to sell iLife apps separately

Don’t need the whole iLife suite for your Mac? Here’s a solution

It makes sense – Apple already sells the component parts of its iWork suite for the iPad and last week declared its intention to bring desktop computing closer to the tablet.

So could the fruity computer corp be about to split up its amateur creative tools and sell them individually?

Apple also announced iLife ’11 last week and went into great detail (way too much detail, if we’re being honest) on the hero apps – iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. And announced a Mac App Store.

So the rumour that Apple may sell the component parts of the suite separately (for US$15 apiece, if our rumour radar is working correctly) will come as good news to pic hoarders who have no interest in making videos or music. Or any other combination or apps and interests.

Sounds like a plan to us. And as for downloadable iLife, we’re all ears.

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