Rumour Mill – Apple patent reveals a clever stylus or two

Our over-worked fingers may finally have a chance to rest from all the prodding and swiping


Two Apple patents have unveiled some nifty new styli dreamed up by a team of clever iBoffins. The first proposal is similar to that of HTC’s scribe pen and is unimaginatively called the "stylus for touch sensitive devices". The drab name is more than compensated for by a built-in rechargeable battery which can be recharged by slotting into a dock on your iDevice. This stylus is also heated for better capacitive sensor performance, which is an added bonus for fans of toasty fingers.

The second "communicating stylus" boasts accelerometers and wireless transmitters that beam out the stylus’s position, allowing you to make notes off your iPad screen (perhaps on real paper), whilst it’s all recorded to the iPad’s memory for later. Not all of Apple's wondrous patents come to fruition, but that doesn’t stop us from crossing our fingers hard enough to develop rheumatism.

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