Rumour Mill – Apple OS X Lion and MacBook Air launching 14 July

Could the Apple Store's all-night shelf stacking mean the release of some shiny new Lion-infused MacBook Airs?

Apple Stores are planning overnight staff shifts on 13 July, according to various interweb sources, most probably in preparation for the release of some shiny new iStuff. The most solid bets so far are being laid on the release of Lion, as well as some Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt-toting MacBook Air models which – if true – will be arriving a few months later than expected.

Recently reported shortages of non-Thunderbolt devices also suggest upgrades to the white MacBook and Mac Mini lines and we wouldn’t be surprised to see MacBook Pros and iMacs being sold with Lion preinstalled either. Whatever happens, we’re hoping the Apple Store staff are doing more than just a bit of dusting and housekeeping – the disappointment would be crushing.


OS X Lion


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