Rumour Mill – Apple to improve iOS notifications

And not before time, say we, as our prayers for a less intrusive alert system appear to have been heard

The jailbreak-only MobileNotifier iOS app has long been considered to be one of the best reasons to jailbreak your iPhone and rumours in the interwebs are suggesting that the app’s creator Peter Hajas has nabbed himself an enviable job at Apple – not bad for a college student. Although nothing has been made official, an optimistic tweet from Hajas stating that he’s off to work for a fruit company in California is as good a confirmation as we need. The app itself offers a tenfold improvement to the native iOS notification system. Dare we hope this'll make today's iOS 5 announcements? We're adding it to the many rumours surrounding the next version of Apple’s mobile OS? Our gut tells us that Android's notification bar should be very worried by the time the curtain closes on Apple's WWDC keynote.