Rumour Mill – Apple and Valve working on a console

The Cupertino company may be planning a Steam-powered gaming device

Apple rumours aren’t exactly uncommon, but occasionally we hear one that makes us sit up and take notice. Like this one: Apple wants to produce a home games console, and it wants to do so in tandem with Half-Life maker Valve Sofware.

This all stems from an unconfirmed report that Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted paying a visit to Valve’s HQ in Bellevue, Washington. According to Cult of Mac, Cook was there to ask the game developer to collaborate with Apple on a “Kinect-like” games console that will “rely heavily on motion and touch controls”.

This console is reportedly going to partner Apple’s HDTV in some kind of two-pronged attack on the world’s living rooms. But where does Valve come in? The company is responsible for Steam, the PC and Mac service that is to gaming what the iTunes Store is to music, and there’s talk that it’s working on a console dubbed 'Steam Box' to bring Steam into the living room – or rather a standard that other companies could license and put into their own hardware.

Perhaps Apple is looking to launch a Steam-powered console. Or perhaps Tim Cook just wanted to know when Half-Life 3 was coming out. Rest assured, if we hear any peeps out of this story, we’ll let you know.

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