Rumour: Microsoft's upcoming Windows 9 advertising campaign could mean a Q3 availability

Russian leaker reveals tidbits about a major marketing drive and new purchase method for the next big Windows update
Windows 9 is reportely all set for a major marketing push

You might see a roll out for Microsoft’s Windows 9 in the coming months, according to Russian leaker Wzor.

Okay, so that link's all in Russian, but that's what Google Translate is for. And here's the gist: the blogger claims the new operating system will be unveiled sometime in Q3 (i.e. the autumn), a much earlier timeframe than initially anticipated. The biggest indicator? An upcoming advertising campaign during the same period.

Microsoft’s only recently released a Windows 8.1 update, but if this speculation proves to be true we might see Windows 9 surface after a second minor update to Windows 8.1. Well, if there's no third update on version 8.1, that is.

But instead of elaborating on this new “advertising campaign” that signals at a new operating system, Wzor spoke of a new payment method that'll surround this release on Russian bulletin boards. 

He hints that it might require an online-centric way to register a Windows purchase – by binding the registration to one of your PCs and activating it when you connect to the Windows store. This differs from the current method, where you’re sold an activation key. 

Fuelling the rumour windmill

Rumour: Microsoft's upcoming Windows 9 advertising campaign could mean a Q3 avai

And if you try to run a single copy on multiple PCs, you’re going to end up disappointed. Wzor said in the site (and in his own words) that you’ll have to “undork it in three days” if you do so.

But Microsoft has been very quiet about its future plans for Windows, unless you think the tweet from Microsoft communications chief Frank Shaw that soon followed Wzor's post is meant to dismiss the rumour. “Was there a ‘crazy rumour day’ declaration that I missed,” was the message he sent, without directly referring to any product or speculation in particular.

But whatever the case may be, if Microsoft’s busy building new mobile technologies, an updated OS might come hand-in-hand with these products.

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[Source: PCWorld