Rumour – Apple to replace entire iOS line-up this autumn

The word on the street is that Apple wants all of its mobile devices to share a small dock connector

Could Apple be planning a refresh of its entire iOS range this autumn? That’s what some tech news sites are reporting – and it’s all because of the new, smaller dock connector.

Apple wants to standardise the small connector, says iMore, so in addition to debuting it on the iPhone 5, the company will also replace the iPad and iPod touch with new small port-toting versions. And there are of course rumours that there’ll be an iPad mini added to the range too.

While this makes sense from a branding and simplicity point of view, it also raises the question of accessories. What about all those existing iPhone speaker docks, chargers and other add-ons designed for use with the current 30-pin dock connector? Will they become virtually obsolete overnight? With September 12th touted as a possible launch date, we might find out with a few short weeks.

[via iMore]

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