Roth Audio's RothDock plays wirelessly with iPhone

In early 2008, average iPod docks were more ubiquitous than a tabloid front page featurung Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Thankfully, unlike the latest irks

The new periperhal is designed to play nice not only with your iPod, but also your iPhone. It works using Wi–Fi, meaning you just need to shove the receiver into the back of your hi–fi, park the dock wherever you want and listen to your tunes from the comfort of your sofa.

Obviously, there's no need to get u as it all works via remote and there's a massive 10m range, so even those with country manor can get involved. The best thing is it'll use your existing speakers, so no need for a full–on speaker dock here.

You can get it now, for a mere £99. A small price to pay for something from such top notch hi–fi guys.


Roth Audio RothDock

Price: £99

On sale: Now

Contact: Roth Audio