Ronaldo kicks Rooney off the social-networking park

Messi may be the world's best on the pitch, but Christiano Ronaldo has got the social edge

Christiano Ronaldo is the best athlete at self-marketing on social networks. At least, that's what Facebook's Head of International Business Development, Christian Hernandez, claimed at Global Sports Forum Barcelona.

According to Hernandez, "Everyone remembers the shock created by him publishing the first photo of his child on Facebook." Er, except us.

He also reckons Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United are the social networking big three when it comes to teams.

But the biggest faux-pas is one committed by Wayne Rooney – getting ghost writers or members of your entourage to post updates on your behalf. Shame on you, Wayne.

To see how seriously Ronaldo takes Facebook and Twitter, check out his official website.