Romo turns your smartphone into a robot's brain

Romotive puts wheels on your smartphone and transforms it into your own personal R2-D2

Getting bored of using your smartphone just to have and to hold? It’s time to marry that device to Romo, a smart set of wheels, which lets you drive it about while streaming what it sees to your laptop.

It seems like all of a sudden everyone wants to put wheels on our smartphones – a couple of weeks ago we saw the Botiful telepresence robot. Romo's creators Romotive have created a custom app store that lets users in the community use the SDK to create a multitude of uses for the little robot.

The video below just shows Romo trundling about – to a rather jazzy soundtrack – but the little robot's already learned to dance, wander about and stream video. We can't wait to see what other uses people come up with for a smartphone-powered robot.

RomoFreeRoamDemo from Romotive on Vimeo.

[Swiss Miss via designboom]

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