Rockstar slaps down GTA 5 rumours

After scurrilous rumours about GTA 5 got us in a tizzy last week, the game's developers, Rockstar, have slapped down the reports, saying there's &quot

Speaking to Kotaku, a spokesman said that there were definitely no plans to unleash a full follow–up to the best–selling GTA IV in 2009. However, they have confirmed that as well as the "Lost and Damned" downloadable extras, due next month, they will be releasing an additional episode by 31 October.

Rockstar would not be drawn on what this would be called or which characters it would involve, but with Niko already sidelined for "Lost and Damned", you can bet they'll be working on something totally different. How about those low–rent Mafia bosses as the main characters?

In the meantime, it looks as if we'll have to keep waiting for Chinatown Wars on the DS instead.