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Rockstar confirms GTA V coming in Spring 2013

Grab those calendars and sharpen those pencils. It's time to circle the long-awaited date at last. Sort of

Rockstar has finally revealed the release date for the hotly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V – Spring 2013.

Ok, so ‘date’ might be a bit of a generous word, but at this stage eager GTA fans will take any scraps they can get.

Set in GTA: San Andreas’ Los Santos, Rockstar’s latest in the Grand Theft Auto series promises to its biggest outing yet.

There’s no word on a PC release at this moment in time, which will no doubt have owners of monstrous gaming rigs on edge, but Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners can sleep easy, knowing that they can pre-order GTA V from November 5th.

Check out the GTA V teaser trailer and released screenshots to whet your appetite, and stay tuned for more release information as and when we get it.

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