Rocksmith game will teach you guitar

Feel guilty bashing coloured plastic on Guitar Hero and learning no real skills? Now’s your chance to game with a real axe

The name Rocksmith immediately conjures up images of leather and hot metal, the kind of sexy associations that every guitar superstar secretly yearns for. Don’t we all? That yearning feels strongest when furthest away, as we thump the plastic buttons of a Guitar Hero controller and know it’s getting us nowhere near being adored. Ubisoft offers deliverance.

Dust off that guitar you’ve had stored away with your teenage angst and load up Rocksmith to start strumming with the likes of Bowie, Interpol and The Rolling Stones. Plug any electric output-sporting guitar into your PS3, Xbox or PC USB and follow the on-screen cascading fret board as you play in reality.

Don’t start ordering your leather trousers just yet, though, as a release date isn’t expected until the back end of 2011. Fender Stratocaster, most probably, not included. For now enjoy a video of a potential new you, rocking out for real on your console.


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