Rock Band kit will play nice with Guitar Hero 4

Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour might be set to go head–to–head in a cheap plastic battle of the bands, but Activision has said Harm

The news comes fresh out of uber–games meet–up E3, over in LA. Activision has had to put in the hours to ensure Rock Band’s measly four–pad kit works a–ok with Guitar Hero: World Tour. Their own kit is a five–pad affair, which looks the absolute business.

Activision hasn’t given a firm date for when their latest front–room rocker will drop, but has let on what tracks we can expect, with Van Halen and, er, kiddie rockers Blink 182 on the bill.

We’ll be bringing you some hot Guitar Hero: World Tour news in the September issue of Stuff, out in early August. Time to camp outside your local newsagent then.