Rock Band on iPhone revealed

After dropping a tantalising Tweet yesterday, EA's been true to its word and slipped us more details on Rock Band for iPhone – this time through

We now know it'll ship with 20 songs, all of which will be familiar to dedicated Rock Band artistes who've mastered the genre on other platforms. So expect the likes of the Beastie Boys, Blink-182, Blondie, Motörhead, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkin and Foo Fighters, who are uniquely honoured with a double helping of tracks Learn To Fly and Everlong.

As comfy as old slippers will also be the band roles: bass, guitar, drums and vocals. All four feature screen tapping, fingers of fury action, including the vocals, which eschews public singing humiliation in favour of beat-matching. Just tap the screen in time to the beat or the vocals drop out. It reduces you to more of a tambourine-waving groupie than lead singer, but does spare passing pedestrians your finest Lemmy impersonation.

EA's confirmed there'll be four-way multiplayer over Bluetooth and a music store for fleecing you of more cash than a greasy merchandise seller in extra tracks. Game modes include a jump in and thrash option, or a career-building World Tour mode.