Rock Band 2 heading to Wii on 24 April

Rock Band 2 has been battling it out with Guitar Hero World Tour for Xbox 360 supremacy since the back end of 2008. But now non–Microsoft types

The Wii edition will be hitting shelves on 24 April, with the standalone game costing £39.99. Instrument prices have been slashed too, with guitars coming in at £40, drums at £50 and a full set costing £90. Wii bundles will set you back £110, making it the obvious choice for nascent fake rockers.

There's also a PS3 and PS2 version on the cards, coming your way on 27 March. With Xbox gamers already well up to speed, it's good to see other console lovers getting a slice of the action.

That said, we're pretty much rocked out. Time for a spot of DJ Hero instead we reckon.


Rock Band 2 Wii

Price: £39.99 Game Only

On sale: 24 April

Contact: Rock Band