Rock Band 2 heading to UK 21 November

Put thoughts of DJ Hero aside for one darn minute. Because Harmonix and EA has just confirmed that Rock Band 2 is heading to these shores on 21 Novemb

The game will be heading to the Xbox 360 as an exclusive, hitting you for £49.99. Obviously that doesn't include instruments, so you'll either need to use your old kit or update to new gear when the standalone kit goes on sale in December.

Guitar Hero World Tour will be up for grabs for £150 including a mic, two guitars, drums and the game. You get Rock Band with one axe for £100 right now, so the decision is yours. Once you've bought the new game, it'll all add up to the same price.

Tracks include Shackler's Revenge from the soon–to–be–released Guns 'n' Roses LP Chinese Democracy, along with tunes by Metallica and Bob Dylan. Looks likes mash–ups with DJ Hero won't be getting a look in for a while.


Rock Band 2

Price: From £49.99

On sale: 21 November

Contact: Harmonix