The robot uprising could begin with this self-making bed

We'd keep a close eye on this particular piece of bedroom furniture if we were you...

We know how it is. You've overslept again, leapt out of bed and run straight out of the house to make the train. The last thing on your mind is the state of your face, let alone the neatness of your bed.

While science can do little about your morning hair, it can solve the problem of an un-made bed, thanks to the OHEA automatico – a bed which can make itself in 50 seconds.

Once it detects you've left the warmth and safety of the covers, the self-tidying bed's hidden mechanism pulls the duvet all the way up to the head of the bed, all while your pillows are lifted and straightened for maximum aesthetical pleasure.

There's even a switch for manual activation, just in case the thought of a renegade robotic bed puts shivers down your spine, as it does down ours...

[via Dvice]

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