This robot drone will be over your head soon

It might look scary, but this BAE Systems Mantis is the future of unmanned flight. For your protection, of course

BAE Systems plans to unleash this beauty, the Mantis unmanned air system, over the UK in 2013.

The plan is to test the drone’s ability to fly within the myriad rules and regulations of the UK airspace. And the Mantis will be doing it while trying out medium altitude long endurance flight as well as unmanned combat air systems. The goal is for this to be the future of air combat – insert the obligatory ominous Terminator reference here.

The US has just completed a two-week test of its own drone, the MQ-1C Gray Eagle. If you want to see the Mantis up close and personal, get along to the Farnborough Air Show from 14-15 July.

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