Robot that converts scrap plastic into 3D printer filament is out this year

Meet the little machine that can munch regular plastic into something that's more than a little useful

As much as we love 3D printing, we're still not big fans of the costs associated with it until it becomes more mainstream. Luckily with Kickstarter projects like the Filabot cropping up, we hopefully won't have too long to wait before prices fall.

The Filabot is a robot which essentially chows down on scraps of unwanted plastic that's fed to it, before transforming it into 3D printer filament, providing a self-sustaining solution which avoids forking out for expensive spools of printable plastic.

Although the result won't be as pure as off-the-shelf filament, it's a welcome step in the right direction for widespread home 3D printing. Having reached its Kickstarter goal in the previous year, the Filabot will be hitting markets later this year, so stay tuned.

[Filabot via TechCrunch]

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