Roboraptor UK rampage

Jurassic Park! Roboraptor's coming to these shores this summer. Find out why you should be excited about the first member of the next gen Robosapien family.

Ex-NASA dude Mark Tilden's done it again. The man who brought you such great robots as Robosapien has now made Roboraptor, a mini dinosaur who's the first of the next gen Robo-series to arrive in the UK.

Like the old Robosapien, you can control Raptor via a remote control but - and this is the neat bit - also leave him to play independently with Robopet and Robosapien V2, which go on sale later this year. The coolest feature, however, has to be 'hunter' mode, where he stalks around for a while before locking onto a target and charging it, Jurassic Park-style.

The 32 inch dinobot also has touch sensors in his head and tail, plus a built-in camera and a mic that can tell which direction sound is coming from. You can snap one up in June/July from Firebox for around £90.