Robopet crawls into Blighty

Meet the latest addition to the Robosapien robostable - the freaky, four-legged, feature-fest known as Robopet. Is it time to call time on Sony's rival pooch, little AIBO?

Can't wait 'til Christmas for Robosapien V2? Tide yourself over by splurging £60 this month on his demented doggie friend, Robopet.

The robo pooch has just gone on sale over at BoysStuff (link here) and does all the basic stuff that AIBO does: parp up with silly noises, amble about, detect obstacles (with infrared instead of AIBO's digicams) and change moods like a hormone-pumped Russell Crowe.

You can also take control of the autonomous bugger with a remote control or get him to follow you around by using a laser pointer. Come Christmas, Robosapien V2 will be able to control Robopet himself. If this isn't a real-life Rise of the Robots, we'll eat our Tomy Hootbot.