Rio bites the dust

Get those giant Gladiator hands at the ready and join us on the count of one, two, three: 'another MP3 maker bites the dust, and another one gone and...' So what does it mean if you're a Karma owner?

So Rio wasn't busy at work on its new 60GB colour Karma. It was busy going bust.

Earlier today, the MP3 maker's parent company - D&M Holdings - announced it was pulling the plug on Rio. It'll hold onto the brand name.

Why so? IN D&M's words, it's down to the fact that 'mass-market portable digital audio player market was not a strong enough strategic fit with the company’s core'.

Which, translated from corporatese means Rio's recent players weren't as good as the stuff Sony, Apple and Creative have been knocking out.

The silver lining for existing Karma and Carbon owners - or, for that matter, any Rio player - is that you'll still be supported for the foreseeable future. Or you could bite the bullet, stick it on eBay and make some cash before it loses all resale value.

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