RIM's Cyclone prepares to take on Apple TV

Is RIM about to launch an Apple TV rival?

According to those BlackBerry enthusiasts over at Nerdberry, RIM's new venture sees the BlackBerry smartphone maker wander into Apple TV territory. Codenamed the BlackBerry Cyclone, the media hub connects to your TV via HDMI in order to stream all matter of entertainment onto you gogglebox over your home Wi-Fi connection, much like Google TV and LG's Smart TV.

The Cyclone will reportedly come with YouTube and Netflix as standard, although it's likely there'll be a content change if it makes it over to the UK (you hear that, Lovefilm?). Whispers also suggest RIM's media hub will run the same QNX OS as the PlayBook for compatibility across its new ecosystem.

So far, so scant. Speculation suggests an Autumn release in the US, but as ever, we'll quench your thirst for more news as soon as we get it.


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