RIM offers $10,000 cash incentive to BB10 app developers

RIM puts its money where its mouth is by offering $10,000 to develop an BB10 app. Where do we sign up?

There's nothing like a good 'ole cash incentive to kick you up the backside into developing an app. That's exactly what RIM is offering developers in order to generate high-quality apps for its BB10 platform.

That means every application that makes the BlackBerry Quality Certification grade before BB10 launches, will put $10,000 (£6,100) into the pockets of its developers.

There are a couple of key conditions that have to be met first. Firstly, the app needs to tick the high-quality box and be given the thumbs up by a third party. Secondly, developers will need to generate at least $1,000 (around £600) on their own in order to qualify for their BlackBerry payment. After that, if an app doesn't earn $10,000 in its first year, RIM will write you a cheque to cover the difference.

Bolstering its commitment to its developers and ensuring its BB10 OS arrives with a fanfare, RIM also announced it's set to invest a cool $100 million into the BB10 ecosystem over the coming year.

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