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RIM to cut the price of the fledgling PlayBook?

Will RIM's first foray in to the tablet market go the way of the TouchPad?

The HP TouchPad will happily testify that the tablet jungle is a harsh environment and RIM’s PlayBook looks set to be the latest victim in the unforgiving tech food chain.

Rumours of a price cut for the company’s first tablet offering have begun circling the interwebs like a pack of scavenging vultures, no doubt fuelled by the disappointing statistic of only 200,000 units shipped in the last quarter.

No official confirmations have seeped through as yet, although WSJ reports that CEO Mike Lazardis has stated that promotions, incentives and rebates will be available this autumn. Only time will tell if that translates to massive price cut, so stay tuned for more info as and when we get it.


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