Rick Astley iPhone worm creator lands job

Write a worm, win a job. At least that's how it went for 21-year-old Ashley Towns, creator of the iPhone worm Ikee. He's now been hired by Australian

The young techie from New South Wales wrote Ikee - a relatively harmless worm that would change the wallpaper of infected phones to a picture of '80s bequiffed crooner Rick Astley. The worm only worked on jailbroken iPhones, a security hole that was later exploited by the more dangerous Duh worm.

Neither is Towns the first to pull off such a coup - Twitter hacker Michael Mooney was hired as an app developer earlier this year, and New Zealand hacker Owen Thor Walker was hired as a security consultant by a telecom firm in 2008. There's hope for Gary McKinnon yet, perhaps.