Rewind to 1992

The nicotine patch was introduced in 1992, but we were hooked on these gadget essentials

Gadget – SNES

Ninty’s 16-bit console wonder was unleashed on Europe and Australia three painfully slow years after its Japanese debut. Bundled with a little game called Super Mario World, the console went on to be the best selling of the era, with nearly 50 million units sold worldwide.

Movie – Batman Returns

Tim Burton’s second foray in to Gotham City proved to be a hit, grossing nearly US$300 million at the box office. Michelle Pfeiffer’s temptress role as the alluring Catwoman was starkly contrasted by DeVito’s ugly mug as the deformed penguin.

Album – The Chronic, Dr Dre

The esteemed doctor’s debut album earned its place in history as one of the most influential records of the '90s. The glorification of gangster rap and violence was the perfect platform to launch the career of one Snoop Dogg, at the time a mere music industry puppy.

TV – Gladiators

1992 was the year it became socially acceptable to watch grown men and women in tight-fitting spandex run up around giant obstacles against the clock, or wacking each other over the head with giant foam ear buds. Its modern day equivalent – Total Wipeout – can't touch it. 

Gaming – Super Mario Kart

The perfect companion to the recently released SNES, the first of the ludicrously popular karting series introduced the masses to the frustrations of losing first place to a flung banana. Hectic, fast paced and immensely fun multiplayer mayhem.