Rewind to 1988

Celine Dion won the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland, but we were tuning into this lot

Gadget – Sega Mega Drive

The Mega Drive failed to make an impact in its early years and struggled to compete against the mighty Nintendo. That all changed when a certain blue hedgehog with a lust for speed hit the console and took gamers to a fast-paced, colourful world full of golden rings and mechanised fluffy baddies, catapulting both game and console into the gamer’s hall of fame.

Movie – Die Hard

Yippee-ki-yay, etc. The film that gave us one of the best payoff one-liners of all time was also one of the best action films ever made. Watching Bruce Willis unleash fiery, bullet-riddled hell on a group of German terrorists without even wearing a pair of shoes cemented the actor as a veritable action hero and the film as a Stuff Christmas classic.

Album – Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction

Sweet Child O’ Mine, Paradise City and Welcome to the Jungle are just three reasons for this being one of the most finest albums of 1988. Long before plastic guitars and rhythm games convinced grannies they were rockstars, these guys did it for real, and they did it loud.

TV – Red Dwarf

This sci-fi series revolving around the last human being in the universe and his decidedly oddball crew has long been regarded as a cult-classic and it first hit our screens 23 years ago. Feeling old? Fear not, as a new series is set to be released next year for a fresh blast of nostalgia.

Super Mario Bros 3

One of the most renowned games of all time (unsurprisingly) featured an Italian plumber with a penchant for jumping high and head-butting brick blocks. Helped greatly by the 1989 film The Wizard, which featured the game heavily throughout, Super Mario Bros 3 went on to sell over 18 million copies worldwide and even spawned its own TV show. In your spiky face, Sonic.

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