Rewind to 1975

One Mr Gates registered a startup called Microsoft, but that wasn't the only reason 1975 was a vintage year for tech

Gadget – Cray-1

You couldn’t exactly pop down to Currys to buy one, but the gargantuan Cray-1 was the most powerful supercomputer of its time. The 80MHz processor and 8MB memory seem laughable now, but such was its awesome number-crunching might, a cooling system was hidden beneath the seats. Yes, the Cray-1 had seats. Beat that, Dell.

Movie – Jaws

Spielberg’s suspense masterpiece was a disaster in production and nearly didn’t make it to the silver screen at all. Yet decades later, it’s still possible to make shallow water swimmers panic by sitting on the beach playing the two-note theme music on your cello.

Album – Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

This follow-up to 1973’s Dark Side of the Moon was the top selling album of 1975. The title track was a highlight, but the record was bookended by Shine On You Crazy Diamond, an extended two-part elegy to former bandmate Syd Barratt and genuine rock classic.

TV – Fawlty Towers

Take a snobbish, xenophobic, tightly-wound hotel manager struggling against a controlling wife, an inept Spanish waiter and a bunch of unruly and obnoxious guests and you have the recipe for a comedy classic. Just don’t mention the war.

Game – Home Pong

We can only begin to fathom the delight of geeks everywhere when they were able to bring the wondrous delights of Pong in to their very own living rooms. No wireless controllers or 3D gimmicks here, this is multiplayer gaming at its purest.

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