Revo Axis digital radio dock goes for a song

Revo packs a digital radio, internet radio, iPod dock and touchscreen into one tiny unit, and gives it a bargain price tag

It’s all go in digital radio land at the moment. A week after Pure announced its FlowSongs download service, Revo is answering with this slant-sided iPod dock with internet and digital radio.

And the company reckons the Revo Axis is as cheap as you’ll find for a full touchscreen interface (save for a satisfyingly large volume knob).

At a few pence under £200, it is good value, though you can pick up a Pure Sensei, which is equally good looking and does all the same stuff for around the same price (we found the yellow one loitering for £172 on Amazon).

All the same, if you’re in the market for a bells-and-whistles radio with a 3.5in touchscreen and iPod dock, you could do worse than check out the more manly Revo Axis.

It’s available from October 1, but you can pre-order it now.