Return of the curving corner shot

It's back! Sensible Soccer's back! Stop wasting time saving pennies for the PS3 and Xbox 360 - this is clearly the real future of gaming

Firebox has just earned a very warm, gooey place in our hearts by bringing back one of the finest soccer games to ever grace our screens - Sensible Soccer.

Retro games-in-a-pad are often crap. An excuse for indulging in nostalgia and infantility, if you like. But not so with this one - Sensible's 2D vertical scrolling pitch can still hold its own against the FIFAs and Pro Evolutions of this world. And it has a much more sensible name, too. What's a Professional Evolution got to do with pixellated footie?

This is the Mega Drive edition of Sensible Soccer 2, and it comes with two pads that plug directly into your telly's composite vid socket (or Scart via an adapter). Each gamepad powers off 2 AAs which you have to buy separately.

Sensible Soccer 2 Player Plug 'n' Play is on sale now for £30 from Firebox