Retrode 2 gives old school games and controllers new life

Be it your Sega Mega Drive, or Super Nintendo, Retrode 2 rewards you for hanging on to it

Dust off your Sega Megadrive games, liberate your SNES controller from the loft – Retrode 2 lets you play your old cartridges with your old controllers, via USB. 

The original Retrode let you revive your Sega and Nintendo cartridges on your PC or Mac – but forced you to use a keyboard, which just isn’t quite right. Now the Retrode 2 will let you spin dash Dr Robotnik into oblivion with the old fashioned A, B and C buttons of your Megadrive controller. 

All you need to do is download the emulator and splash out the £55 for the Retrode 2. Any extra games or controllers will cost you next to nothing online. Just when Bowser thought he was safe.

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