Retina Displays coming to laptops and desktops in 2013, says Intel

Apple-style high resolution displays will be arriving on bigger screens next year

Brace your peepers for some pixel perfection – if Intel's to be believed, extremely high-resolution screens akin to Apple's Retina Displays will be making their way to laptops and desktop computers in 2013.

An Intel presentation seen by Lilliputing at the company's Developer Forum in Beijing predicts "Rich Displays" arriving on laptops next year. Intel's expecting 11in Ultrabooks with 2650x1440px screens, 13in models with 2800x1800px screens and 21in all-in-one desktops with 3840x2160px screens. Similar 3840x2160px screens are also expected to feature on 15in "Halo" laptops.

Given that Apple's reportedly working on MacBooks packing Retina Displays, the news is hardly surprising – but it's nice to see Apple's rivals keeping pace.

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