re:route iPhone app rewards you for walking and cycling

Londoners can get discounts and freebies just by going for a stroll or grabbing their bikes with this free enviro-friendly app

Those pre-Olympics Get Ahead of the Games adverts might be a little annoying but they're right about one thing – Londoners are going to have to make some battle plans before hordes of tourists take up all the room on the tube platforms, steal all the black cabs and squish onto the buses this summer. 

But what will get people up off their comfy public transport seats and onto saddles? One long term plan – not just for London 2012 – is to solve the overcrowding problem with an app. re:route is a free iPhone app, made by US recycling geeks Recyclebank and backed by TFL. Once you've set up a free account, just log your journeys around the capital to get points, 5 points per journey to start, when it involves some form of walking or cycling. You can use the points to get money off your groceries at Marks & Spencers, cinema tix at Cineworld, Haven Holidays and other big shops – if you use it for your daily commute you should be able to earn yourself around £250 worth of points a year.

Recyclebank's marketing director Rob Crumbie told Stuff that it plans to play around with the points system once the scheme gets going, and probably before the Olympics, so that it's easier for more active users to rack up rewards quickly. That means if you walk/cycle the whole journey rather than just walking to the tube station you might get double the points. 

Crumbie also let us in on why users won't be able to game the system – the app uses your iPhone's GPS to track where you are so the journeys auto-complete when you get to your destination. Plus Recyclebank may add time-based checks into the equation to estimate how long a journey would take using different modes of transport.

Download the re:route app now from the App Store – and, well, jog on.

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