Report: Spotify’s free service is coming to mobile

Smartphone listeners will no longer require a Premium account, according to the Wall Street Journal
Report: Spotify’s free service is coming to mobile

Spotify’s mobile music streaming will soon be available for free, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

At present, anyone wishing to use Spotify on their phone or tablet must have a Premium account (£9.99 per month), but the company is apparently planning to change that by making an ad-supported mobile service available. At present, Spotify offers free streaming only through its desktop app.

Radio, not on-demand

But this new mobile version won’t just be the full-fat Spotify on-demand service with a few ads sprinkled in. While there’ll be a limited number of on-demand songs available, it’ll be more like Pandora or Apple’s iTunes Radio, playing a choice of songs based on the user’s input. Essentially you’ll pick a few ‘example’ tracks or genres, but Spotify will choose the actual songs and the order in which they’re played.

Spotify is holding a press event on 11th December in New York, so if this rumour has legs we’re going to hear all the gory details then. Stay tuned.

[Via Wall Street Journal]