RED5 debuts Zumreed X2 Hybrid headphones

RED5 outs a pair of headphones with an identity crisis

RED5 has dipped its toes into headphone waters for the very first time, and the result is something very different to the norm. It's created a pair of 'phones that masquerade as personal audio players, but actually double up as speakers when you want to make your music more of a social affair.

RED5 tells us they're great for eliminating outside noise, but haven't specified whether they're specifically noise cancelling or whether the noise erasure is down to their cushioned cups. When you want to make your music communal, just flick the dedicated switch to trigger the outside drivers, rotate the cups so they're standing upright and let the party begin – a very small party, that is.

Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery via USB, the Hybrid headphones will sing for four hours as speakers. No charge is required for a personal music listening experience.

They're available for pre-order now in red, white or black for £120 and will be up for official grabs on 14 October.


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