Recon Micro-Optics Display for ski and snowboard goggles revealed

Ski or snowboard with a heads up display showing speed, video, maps and messages

As if skiing and snowboarding weren’t exciting enough already, now you can wear a heads-up display inside your goggles while flying along at breakneck speeds, thanks to this revolutionary micro screen from Recon Instruments. It does pretty much anything you can imagine, with a host of in-built apps – while riding you can see (pic below) speed, jump analytics, buddy tracking, distance and even location on maps while you’re bombing it down a mountain.

The Micro-Optics Display (MOD) Live is as versatile as it is ground-breaking – letting you connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone so you can answer calls, view maps, read texts and potentially (with the right app) watch videos. The best bit is you don’t even have to touch your handset as the MOD Live comes with a Bluetooth wrist-strap controller that’ll take more wet and knocks than even your salopettes can handle.

So once it's paired up with some extreme camera kit – and a partner should be announced soon – you’ll be able to watch your camera feed live as you ride. Great news for Bond wannabes who need to see behind them while outrunning henchmen. The MOD Live will set you back £320 and is available at retailers listed on – tuxedo not included.

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