Razer's Project Fiona gaming tablet could become a reality

The potential king of tablets could become real, thanks to the power of Facebook and the universal love of shiny things

Remember Razer's wacky yet oh-so-desirable Project Fiona gaming tablet from CES? Well it looks like it could soon swap its vapourware hat for a more tangible one, thanks to a Facebook post by Razer head Min-Liang Tan who stated that the company would make the über-tablet a reality if it amassed 10,000 likes and shares on Facebook.

Thanks to the universal love of shiny things, it managed exactly that, so now we can only assume that Razer's technicians are furiously scribbling away at blueprints for the final version of the Intel i7-powered dual joystick tablet, which will be capable of playing full PC games with touchscreen, accelerometer and gyroscope capabilities.

Razer has also promised to listen to feedback from gamers and will pick their brains for some of the final design and hardware decisions. Retractable beverage holders then? Only time will tell.

[Facebook via TechRadar]

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