Razer’s new micro-console will be powered by Android TV

Google's TV platform gets its game on
Razer’s new micro-console will be powered by Google Android TV

Mere hours after Google announced details of its plan to dominate your living room with Android TV, Razer has stepped up to the plate with the first bit of hardware to use the platform.

Announced at Google I/O, the Razer micro-console is a set-top box that can stream music, movies and apps for big screen entertainment. The core focus of the device is gaming, though; unsurprising, given Razer's pedigree with high-end games hardware.

Like Ouya and Amazon Fire TV, the dinky box is intended as a "console of the future", though the specs are being kept under wraps for the time being.

“The Razer micro-console incorporates not only hardcore and casual gaming, but music, movies and other entertainment and social applications, all on an affordable system,” Razer co-founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan, said.

The micro-console can be operated via a dedicated mobile app on any Android smartphone or tablet – sorry iPhone users.  

The Razer micro-console will be released sometime this autumn; pricing will also be disclosed at a later date. 

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