Razer launches Sabertooth gaming controller for Xbox 360 and PC

Razer's latest controller is covered in enough buttons to give Goro a run for his money

Razer has released the Sabertooth, a shiny new gaming controller for Xbox 360 and PC users looking for an extra edge in their virtual adventures.

The Sabertooth features a plethora of extra buttons and triggers, which can be reassigned for customised layouts – giving gamers the ability to reload, jump and throw grenades without having to waste precious seconds off the analogue sticks.

With an OLED screen for easy profile switching, button reassigning and sensitivity settings as well as a detachable tangle-free cable and a sleek soft black matte rubber finish, it's the ultimate tool for serious gamers looking for a little extra grunt.

Check out our Razer Sabertooth review before heading over to Razer where you can pick up your very own Sabertooth controller for £70.

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