Radiopaq tunes in with Rp5 web radio

Radiopaq has long been our go to site for tuning into web stations blasting out anything from Brazilian punk to Bond–themed movie scores.So we&r

So we’re particularly geed up about their first foray into radios proper, with the Radiopaq Rp5. Announced today, it accesses the Radiopaq site via Wi–Fi, letting you download podcasts and pick your favourite stations without having to fire up your PC. If you’re confused about what you’re about to treat your ears to, then you can press the info button to get an instant update.

There’s also DAB and FM inside, just in case checking out the vast array of stations on offer gets a bit overwhelming. Rather than cruise through FM frequencies though, you can find your favourites by name instead.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can hook up your MP3 player via USB, pumping out tracks through the five–way speaker system.

It’s out in September and will hit your wallet for £250.


Radiopaq Rp5

Price: £250

On sale: September

Contact: Radiopaq