Qwerkywriter brings old school typewriter magic to your notebook and tablet

If you want the romance of a typewriter without needing to actually lug one around, this just might be your thing
Qwerkywriter brings old school typewriter magic to your notebook and tablet

Is this typewriter an attempt at swaying hipsters with faux vintage cool?We'll have you know that typewriters are great. There's nothing quite like the tactile feeling of fingers on keys, sliding the paperholder, the satisfying chime of the return bar. But let's get real: typewriters are heavy and, erm, can't connect to Bluetooth.

So you're saying this Qwerkywriter connects to Bluetooth?It's not a typewriter on its own but a keyboard that connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices. Like your iPad.

Tablets fit snugly

But why do I want this again?If you do a lot of writing, the tactile feedback of this might make you happy. We're talking an 84-key mechanical keyboard that emulates that old-time typewriter clicky feel with gorgeous chrome-accented round keycaps. It only weighs 1.36kg and supports any tablet up to 8in in size. For Apple users, there are alternate CMD keys if that's your thing.

So you slot the tablet into the paper holder... holy crap, it's going to eat the tablet!......Really? Come on, it's just a slot to hold your tablet, either in portrait or landscape orientation.

Tablets only? Meh...Okay, so that slot can only hold tablets. But this keyboard also comes with a USB port, allowing you to connect it to a desktop, notebook or PC.

What's the best thing about this keyboard?The custom keys. Cherry MX Blue switches help provide that typewriter feel and being custom-made, you won't see anything quite like it in shops.

Looks right at home on your desk
PCs not supported quite yet
Custom chrome keys

Custom keys?? Shut up and take my money!The Kickstarter is over but you can still pay to pre-order one. US$309 (£180) is a lot to pay for a mere tablet keyboard, but you cannot measure its true value purely on price. The nostalgia, the feel of the keys clicking with every tap and not to mention the hipster vibe. Plus, it's a decent discount considering the final retail price will likely be US$399 (£230).

And it's available when?August 2015. Okay, now you can utter meeeeh and twiddle your thumbs. On the bright side, you have enough time to procure a pipe and a monocole, and you're all set to act the part of a famous playwright from the days of yore.

Days of yore... *groan*Okay, we admit, that was lame. But hey, if you want something more cutting-edge, check out the world's slimmest keyboard – thin enough to give you a paper cut.